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Maintenance on My Mind

Posted November 10, 2019 12:46 PM

Ask any Carbondale man or woman if they've taken their vehicle in for preventive maintenance lately, and the answer may well be “no.” Surveys indicate that over 80% of vehicles on the road today are in need of some kind of repair or maintenance. Now, ask that same person why he hasn't taken his car in for care. The answer will probably be that he forgot or that he just didn't think about it. Most Carbondale residents seem to have a hard time remembering about scheduled maintenance for their vehicles.

Funny, because most of us in Carbondale have no trouble remembering to wash our clothes, mow our lawns or brush our teeth. It isn't that we can't remember to take our vehicles for service; it's a matter of making it a priority.

When it comes to our vehicles, Carbondale drivers like myself, need to be a little more maintenance-minded. The fact is, we can choose to do it, or we might find ourselves being compelled to do it.

For example, when we consistently forget to brush our teeth, a major consequence usually follows. The pain of that experience usually compels us to be more mindful of our teeth and take better care of them.

The same goes for our vehicles. If we ignore them long enough, a painful experience is sure to follow—painful for our pocketbooks, that is. People in Carbondale who have gone through that experience are usually more conscientious about proper car care.

So, if you're not a fan of the school of hard knocks, at least when it comes to vehicle maintenance, remind yourself to look after your car. Pay attention to the little oil change tag on your windshield. When it's time take your car in, do it. But don't just change the oil. Get a full-service oil change at The Auto Shop. Your technician will then check all of your fluids. He can advise you if any of them need to be changed or if any of them are low.

Low fluid levels can indicate leaks or a worn hose or seal, so they can check those for you as well. Other signs of wear are also immediately evident when you get a full-service oil change, such as a cracked serpentine belt or corroded battery cable. Your The Auto Shop technician will also check the vehicle manufacturer's service recommendations for your vehicle and advise you of any other routine service that is coming due.

It's like a one-stop shop for auto advice that will keep you on top of your vehicle's maintenance.

If there is more to be done than the budget allows, you can get a picture of what needs to be done.  Then, create a plan with your The Auto Shop service advisor and budget for it during the coming months. It's a whole lot less painful than unexpected car repairs.

Vehicles are more reliable than they ever have been. They can take a lot of abuse and neglect. But they're also expensive and complicated machines. Carbondale drivers can't expect them to run forever without proper fluids and filters. Preventive maintenance at The Auto Shop in Carbondale will improve the reliability and life expectancy of your vehicle, as well as ensuring your safety on the road in Illinois.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Have been doing business here for many years. Will be doing business for many more. I love the fact that it is a family operated shop - have watched most of the mechanics grow up under their father's experienced eye.

-Sue B.

It's hard to find a mechanic that you trust. At the Auto Shop I trust them 100%. It's a place that consistently delivers great, quality service at a very fair price. They do their best to explain the situation in simple terms. They are very knowledgeable. If they don't know they will tell you, look it up, and follow up with you. I've been taking my car here for several years. I am hard on my vehicles, as I put 30k-60k miles on my car a year. But they ensure I can stay in the road. They have done everything from oil changes to head gasket replacement. Jeremy is always keeping an eye on the health of my vehicle so I'm not surprised with regular maintenance. The whole team is so helpful. Shout out to Stephanie, Marie, Colin, and Brian. Steven has built a great team and legacy. Thanks for taking care of me and my family.

-Steven B.

I like this place because they do a great job explaining problems and repairs and do not suggest unnecessary repairs. As well, I had the same mechanic when I brought my cars in (Subarus), so he could just jump in and get going because he knows their history. Centrally located in C'dale, and a AAA discount.

-Aimee H - Carbondale, IL

Excellent customer service!! Gets the job done in a timely manner by qualified technicians. Makes you feel welcome, would definitely recommend!

-Margaret - Carbondale, IL

Very nice folks to deal with and friendly!! Thank you.

-John G.

The folks at the Auto Shop are awesome! My work vehicle needed servicing and they got me in an emergency spot so I could get back to work fast!

-Josh Judge - Carbondale, IL

The only place I will take my car!! They have been my Auto Repair shop for over a decade! They are honest and help keep me up to date on my maintenance so my car doesn't break down. Plus with all my traveling I have the comfort of a Nationwide warranty!

-Charlotte - Carbondale IL

Jeremy and the rest of crew went above and beyond when I broke down over 600 miles from my home in Michigan. Despite being major repairs (new hybrid battery for a Prius), they had me back on the road to home in just a couple of days, and worked to find affordable parts for me. They even called after I arrived back home in Michigan to make sure my drive went okay. Thanks!

-Jay Larson - Lansing, MI

Outstanding service people who l trust Thanks

-Glen Crismon - Desoto illnois

Excellent service and quick turn around!

-Emma - Louisville, KY

This is a true family owned business that cares about their customer! Steve, Marie and Stephanie are amazing! They are thorough in their work, conscientious of their customers needs, and cost effective. I can't say enough good things about them. I felt well taken care of and was given specific details with what absolutely needed to be fixed on my car right away and the other things that I would need to address in the future. Thank you all so much for getting my car ready for my cross country adventure! Wish I could take you all with me. It's hard to find a great auto shop on the west coast! I completely recommend this auto shop to everyone in this area, best experience I've ever had taking my car to get fixed! Thank you so much! Take your car here for awesome service! The Rennison family is amazing! Best experience ever at an autoshop, hands down! You all are awesome! Thank You for the care and attention you put into our repairs.

-Kat Collins - Makanda,Illinois

Great service!

-Kenzie - Ava

A shop of genuinely good people. Everyone is very friendly and offers great service. Pricing is always fair

-Vincent F.

You will NOT be disappointed with their knowledge of of auto repair. Foreign or domestic, their work is thorough and complete. Customer service is way above any other shop's standards. They actually care if you're satisfied with a follow-up call.

-Patty C.

This is the second time I have been here for a repair and they have treated me like family each time. I moved her from a bigger city and it can be difficult to find a reputable mechanic that you can trust. This place is somewhere I can trust to take care of me and my vehicle. Jeremy is great and knowledgeable and treats his customers with respect. If I have issues in the future (car has around 200k) I will be back.

-Scott B.

Welp $647 later, I have my car. It still needs a little more work but I plan on making this car last to 300,000 miles. I don't have the finances for a new car. So thinking ahead is good for me in this situation. ?? I do however was a little sad on turning in the mini van. I could live in that van! My hippie dreams came alive once again. Lol. Thank you to Marie Rennison and everyone at The Auto Shop for taking care of Stella!


I hate getting my car worked on, but the people at the auto shop help make it easier.

-JR - Ava

Stephanie and Jeremy provide awesome customer service and experience. Reasonably priced service with quality parts. I've been a customer for over 25 years and plan to be for another 25.

-Lynda - Murphysboro

The Auto Shop in Carbondale, Illlinois is run by Marie Rennison and her husband Steve. However, it is a family business, and their children work there as well. In all my years I have never had such fantastic customer service with our auto repairs. Rides to and from work are great. Calls during the day to update you on the progress of your auto's work. Friendly, down to earth and honest, I cannot say enough about the 26 year old business they have built.

-Roxanne C.

Great service and always looking out for me and my vehicles!!!

-Rachel - Murphysboro

This has to be one of the best overall businesses I have ever had the pleasure of being a customer at. This place is literally like my family, they treat me as if I am one of their own and are very helpful with all things automotive! They work very hard to get your car done as soon as possible and be sure that it is in top notch shape when it leaves their shop. They are incredibly trustworthy and will always be concerned with your safety as a driver and will never rip you off like some of the typical auto shop stereotypes that take advantage of people who don't know much about vehicles and run up the bill. I will always be loyal to this family and shop and highly recommend it to anyone who has car troubles or needs a tune up.

-Bryce W.

Excellent, fast and honest service!

-Kasey - Vergennes

Very helpful with fast service!


I hadn't been able to get anyone to diagnose my truck but they quickly did. I feel real confident with their techs, they def know what they are doing. Always get great service

-Andrew Vaughn - Colp, Illinois

Great. Everyone I met there was super friendly and accommodating with me and my young son. They were happy to answer all my questions, gave us a ride, gave my son toys to play with, and they hooked me up with a same-day repair because I was from out of town. I'm very grateful for their services.

-Abbie K.

Marie and the team at The Auto Shop are a fully-engaged, customer-driven Power Team! After many years of neglect, we brought our 1999 Mazda pickup in for triage and WOW! What a difference a few days make! Jeremy took the lead to thoroughly analyze our vehicle from hood to frame. Because the body is in excellent condition, (yes, we did keep it washed and waxed ;D), when our Mazda came home, she is like a brand new truck!! The Auto Shop crew even gave her a bath and detailing before we took her on the road. Thank you, Auto Shop, for a brilliant overhaul! We're good for another 70k miles! Okay, we may need tires before then, but now we are safe to travel and carry a few more heavy loads.

-Deborah F.

People in the auto repair business have a lot of trouble establishing their credibility because news of the industry is almost always negative, focusing on scam operations that bilk their customers. Marie's company couldn't be further from this preconceived notion. From the moment one meets their staff to the finish of each repair job customers are treated with fairness, respect and professionalism. Indeed, The Auto Shop includes background inspection services to forecast potential problems one might have with their car or truck. Brakes, belts, hoses, batteries and fluids are automatically checked and potential problems noted on the repair ticket. One repair visit even included a research of all factory service bulletins on my car which revealed the correct way to perform the repair, ending what in most cases would be a recurring problem. I cannot say enough good things about Marie and her company. If your vehicle needs service be sure to give them a call.

-Lee B.

I made it home safely. Thank you for everything. Being broke down in a place I had never been was very scary. You took very good care of me.

-Janet K.

The Auto Shop did an AMAZING job on my PT Cruiser! I won't take my vehicles anywhere else!

-Kasey - Oraville, IL

Loved the service at The Auto Shop! The car runs so much better after the repairs!

-J & K - Ava, IL

I had my eye on a used vehicle at a local dealership, but really wanted a thorough, independent analysis before buying. The Auto Shop charged a very reasonable price and spent an entire morning going through all systems. They even test drove the vehicle! Their work gave me peace of mind, and I purchased the vehicle with confidence. I would highly recommend anyone considering the purchase of a used vehicle to let the Auto Shop take a look first!

-Kevin - Coppell, TX

Excellent Customer Service!

-Haley Bigham - Grand Tower il

These guys are quick, do the job right and at exactly the price I was quoted. What more can you ask for?

-DJ Alleman - Mt. Zion IL.

Great shop! I don't trust anyone else with my car when I'm in Illinois


The people were very friendly and helpful. They let me keep my car on their lot for 2 weeks without charge while I am trying to figure out how to pay to get my car fixed. They are willing to work with you on things and I will for sure recommend them!

-Clint S.

I was in a really tight spot Thanksgiving weekend, I was certainly thankful for this place. I am military and I was moving to San Diego when my engine blew. Unfortunately, my car was not worth the money to get the engine replaced nor did I have the time to get it done. The Auto Shop loaned me a car to get around for the weekend and told me where everything was in town. They not only helped me in a stressful situation but bought the title of a basically totalled vehicle. If I wasn't just passing through I would make this my go to mechanic any day. Thank you again for your amazing hospitality. TRULY A CLASS ACT.

-Bobby F.

Went to the auto shop a couple of weeks ago to fix a broken turn signal. Not only was I in and out within an hour, they charged me half of what I expected to spend. Needless to say I will absolutely be taking my car there in the future and I would recommend other people do the same.

-Ben S.

The most helpful place I have ever gone for car service! Always fast and for a good price! I had my oil changed, a mirror put on, and a fuel line leak fixed for me.

-Amanda M.

I love The Auto Shop! They do great timely work. I like that I can wait in their home-like waiting area, and they do their best to make you feel comfortable. Jeremy and Natalie are very nice, and they do not make me feel like I am an idiot when they talk to me about what's wrong with my car. The technicians are well trained and do great work.

-Evelyn P.

We have a Volkswagen Jetta that is old and expensive to repair. It had a diesel fuel leak. We were quoted about $400-$500 at other shops for the repair but The Auto Shop repaired it for under $200. They got us in quick and their customer service was amazing. We will definitely be returning in the future.

-Natalie F.

My truck with over 200,000 miles was having major suspension problems. The mechanics gave me a very reasonable quote for the work to be done. It turns out that the suspension was so badly rusted after nearly a quarter million miles that it took them 2 1/2 days of hard work to finally get all the work done. Despite the job being far more work than they expected, they not only stayed with the original quote, they actually charged me $100 less than they originally quoted. The number of car mechanics I have met that I can truly trust I can count on the fingers of one hand and have several fingers left over. The folks at The Auto Shop will never rip you off, their prices are very reasonable, communication is good and they are truly honest folks which is a rare quality nowadays.

-Roger P.

They are so inviting when you walk in, Reasonably priced, and communicate with you about everything wrong with your car. I wouldnt take my car anywhere else!

-Justine - Carbondale, Il

As always, I had a great experience with The Auto Shop! I have a 23-year-old vehicle, so I especially appreciate their willingness to lay out all of my options, time lines, and prices and then talk me through the pros and cons if each. I'll continue to recommend The Auto Shop to anyone who is looking for auto repairs or maintenance.

-Anna - Carbondale, IL

As always professional service at reasonable rates. A trusted family business earning a five star rating for service above and beyond the call. Highest recommendation.

-Jim Wells - Carbondale, Illinois

Great service. Fast and extremely affordable. I will be taking my cars to The Auto Shop

-Chris W - Carbondale

I've been using The Auto Shop for more than ten years. They have service some of my old and new vehicles have done everything from basic to major maintenance. They're a family business and I've gotten to know every single one of them. They're fabulous and wonderful people and they always make it convenient for me. It's a great place with top-notch customer service. They're good people who do good work.

-Bob Holcombe

I am extremely happy with my choice to take my car to get serviced at The Auto Shop! Prior to moving the the area, I had taken my car to the same family owned shop for years and I am glad to say that I have found my new go to guys!

-Kim B.

Excellent service. Friends and I were traveling through and had some car problems. The staff at the auto shop were exceptionally helpful, didn't cost an arm and a leg, and we were back on the road in no time.


I have been going to the auto shop for a long time. They are always friendly, give me a ride when I need it, always call with estimates before doing work, and always call if there are any changes. If there are ever any problems, they always take care of it. Highly recommend this shop, have tried some others they dont compare


I am a college student and my car always needs to be fixed, so I have tried almost every auto shop in carbondale. The auto shop was the only shop that I liked, because they worked with me on prices and they took their time to make sure my car was fixed right.


I've been going to the auto shop for years and I have nothing but good things to say! They may not be the cheapest by any means, but they are friendly, honest and I trust them with my car - for anything from an oil change to a brake job - which to me is worth every penny. I have never ever felt that creepy mechanic vibe there - and hey, no one likes to hear what the damage is when your car needs work but Jeremy as the front desk is always happy to take his time and patiently explain what's going on and exactly what I'm paying for and why. The Auto Shop family is truly a shining example of what an honest American mom and pop business should be!


I have been to The Auto Shop several times. I love that it is family owned. Everyone has always been very friendly and I have never had a reason to believe that anyone has been dishonest. All details were explained to me thoroughly and only the work I approved was done to my car. Prices are a little higher than some other places, but it's worth it to me because I know I am getting good quality work and I know I can trust these people!


Great customer service, honest personnel and clean facility. The auto shop is family owned and operated which I tend to try and take my business to all local and family business.


I have been taking my vehicle to the Auto Shop for the past 2 years. Yes it is a little overpriced, but I have had nothing but good experiences. The difference between the Auto Shop and other shops in Carbondale, is that I know my car will be fixed correctly when it is finished. They explain everything to me when I ask. Every other mechanic in Carbondale is a flat out CROOK! Never go to Midas! Go to the Auto Shop and breathe easy knowing your car will be taken care of.


I have been using the Auto Shop since 2007. They helped me with several problems that I had with a Honda Accord that I owned as well as a Ford Escort. I always speak to Jeremy at the front desk. He is very knowledgeable and keeps in great contact with me. He will even text message me, if I say that it is okay (he always asks first), which is very convenient for my work schedule. I work for a local Police Department and it is very inconvenient when I have vehicle problems. He always gets me a timely, transparent, and fair estimate. The shop never completes any unauthorized work and keeps in excellent contact with me throughout the process. I took my Ford Explorer to the Auto Shop and had it checked out before I bought it. It has been a great vehicle for me and I did not have any major or avoidable problems. If you are a student, or a professional in the area I would highly recommend the Auto Shop. Fast, Fair, and Reliable.


This was my first ever experience going to the Auto Shop. They do really quality work and seem to really care for their customers. They told me about problems wrong with my car that that i had no ideal was wrong with it. They checked certain things that big name car shops like Meineke wouldn't have even looked into. They also are very helpful with explaining the technical stuff wrong with your car that is hard to understand if you don't know much about cars. I recommend The Auto Shop over other Carbondale auto shops because you wont be sorry for with the reliable job they will do on your car.


I've been going to The Auto Shop for several years and I've always been pleased with the service. They've really helped me when money is tight and they've always done an outstanding job of keeping me informed about the needs of my vehicle. This is the only shop in town that I feel has been 100% honest with me, quickly makes the right diagnostic, and does the work right the first time. I highly recommend The Auto Shop to everyone.


I really appreciate having a business like yours that I can count on, whether its help me with a little spring cleaning on my vehicles, manufacturer warranty repairs, or just helping out with my wife's car when I am out of town. All of you are wonderful professionals and people!!


My daughter is attending school at SIU, she encounters car problems, and even though I'm 400 miles away, The mechanics at The Auto Shop worked patiently with me as they diagnosed the problem. They provided a thorough and fair assessment of the problem, explained the recommended fixes thoroughly (provided options), priced the repairs very fairly and performed the work to our satisfaction. My daughter's car runs better than before! It's comforting to know there's now a place my daughter can go to in the future without having to be concerned about her being taken advantage of. Thank you, Auto Shop!


I was pleased as always with my auto repair at the Auto Shop. My car was doing some strange things and it took some time to diagnose, but they figured it out. Stephanie took extra time to search for parts for me as my situation was a little different than usual. My car was fixed by the end of the next day and Stephanie even delivered it to my work so I could have it that night. As always I was very happy and confident in the work done by their mechanics.

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